Enable known clients to submit requests

The request module is disabled by default in you account.

Follow these steps to enable the request module in your account:

Step 1. Go to the "Administration" module.

Step 2. Click the "Edit" button.  This will open the "Change your account" form.

Step 3. Click to check the "Requests" option.

Step 4. Click the "Save" button.


You account now is now ready to collect and process requests:



The "Requests" module is now available in the menu bar (#1).  

The "Client portal" is also available in the top right actions near the "Administration" link (#2).  

Finally, additional sub-section are now available in the "Administration" module to configure the "Request statuses" and "Request types" (#3).


Note that only known clients (a.k.a clients with a valid username and password) can submit requests to your marketing department with this configuration.

To allow anonymous clients (a.k.a clients WITHOUT a valid username and password) to submit requests, you need to activate the request module for anonymous requests: 



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