MediaPlanHQ v2.2.0 is now online !

We are proud to release MediaPlanHQ v2.2.0 with the following content:


  • Fix wrong title on unauthorized page (#17)
  • Fix missing 'show calendar' permission for Admin users created prior to v2.0.0 (#2)
  • Fix don't allow multiple markets in media insertion and invoice form to avoid amounts not being split equally in budget summary (#13)
  • Fix Foreign key constraint failure in production  (#24)
  • Fix delete user fails when user assign to creative projects (#29)


  • Display each option on a separate line in module list (#32)
  • Sort list field options alphabetically automatically based on browser language instead of display index (#21)

New Features

  • New administration module with standardize user interface look&feel. (#19)
  • Display/Enforce usage based on subscription plan (#18)
  • French version of signup guided tour and all emails (#36)

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions or feature requests.

Thanks !

The MediaPlanHQ Team.

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