Using the calendar

MediaPlanHQ provides a calendar module that communicates your advertisement activities to your marketing staff, upper management, or clients.  At a glance, you can view which media have media insertions and preview the creative files.

The calendar only includes the media insertions that follow these rules:

When creative files are available, you can click on the thumbnails to preview the creative files (e.g. image, video, audio).  (See Uploading creative files)

You can also move your mouse over the "more" icon (blue arrow popup.gif) to view more details about the media insertion.  Note that the details include all custom fields configured for the media plan. (See Adding custom fields)

The calendar is color coded by media categories and markets to facilitate quick categorization at a glance.  You can quickly toggle between different color codes by clicking on the "View by media categories" or "View by markets" links.  (See Adding media and media categories, and Adding markets)

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