Defining media insertion due dates

The media insertion due dates are defined on the associated creative project.

A creative project supports 2 due dates: a production due date and a delivery due date.

  • The production due date is the deadline for your creative team to produce the advertisement.
  • The delivery due date is the deadline for sending the creative files to the media outlet.

The initial values for both due dates are calculated automatically based on the media due date rules.

The media due date rules can be configured for each individual media in the Media module:


 The due dates are calculated as follow:

  • Delivery Due Date = Insertion Start Date - Nb days to delivery
  • Production Due Date = Delivery Due Date - Nb days to production

 The initial due dates can be modified for each individual creative project in the Production module:


The Production module displays both dates in the creative project table:


The Production module has 2 quick filters to quickly identify the creative projects that are due for production or delivery.



Don't hesitate to contact our support center at [email protected] if you have further question on how to define media insertion due dates.

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