Getting started with the requests

The request module helps your marketing department with collecting and processing clients requests.

It provides a web-based portal to your clients to submit requests and to consult the status of their requests without overwhelming your marketing department staff with emails.

It provides all the tools to your marketing department staff to collect and process requests without chaos.


Standard workflow 

Here’s a typical workflow:

Step1: The Client goes to the client portal, selects a request type, enters the required information, and submits the request.

Step2: *Optional* Pre-approver receives an email that a request is waiting for his pre-approval, clicks on the link and is redirected to the client portal to review/validate the request and clicks on the approve button to approve the request.

Step3: Agent receives the request in a structure way in the request module.  He validates the information, assigns a responsible, and processes the request through a customizable workflow.  He may create media insertions to be planned by media planners and/or creative projects to be created by the creative department.

At any time, the client can use the client portal to consult the status of the request.


Key roles and activities

Most of the information in these documents focuses on 4 roles: Administrators, Clients, Pre-approvers and Agents.  Let’s see what they can do:





  • Understanding the requests module user interface
  • Assign a request
  • Change a request status
  • Create media insertions for a request
  • Create creative projects for a request
  • Comment on a request







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