Getting started with markets

In MediaPlanHQ, a market is a virtual concept that has 3 main characteristics:

  1. It rarely change over time;
  2. It has a distinct subset of media suppliers; and
  3. It has a budget per media plan


With this in mind, markets could be your stores, centers, departments, brands, states, cities, or clients. You decide what makes sense for your organization.  


We find that the best way to define markets is to analyze how you currently manage budgets in your company during a fiscal year.


Here are a few example on how to organize your markets in your account: 

Example 1: Retail Stores

A company with 8 physical stores that has a local budget for each store and a national budget should create 9 markets, 1 per store + 1 national.


Example 2: Brands

A company with 5 brands with different budgets should define 5 markets, 1 per brand.


Example 3: Agencies

An agency with 5 clients with different budgets should define 5 markets, 1 per client.


You have complete control on how you define your markets.


The market module allows you to:

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