What’s a project?

A project is any work that needs to be done by the marketing team.

It holds all the information required by the marketing team in a central location to perform, control, and deliver quality work on-time by answering the 5-Ws:

Why? / What?

  • The specifications is the brief for the project.
  • The files are additional supported artifacts needed for the project.  It will also contain all the deliverables as a result of the project.


  • The requester is the client who requested the project.  It includes its name, phone number, email, and organization
  • The organizations are the business entities to whom this project is for.  It includes the name and address of all organizations. 
  • The assignments are the persons who interact together to advance work on the project.


  • The due date is the deadline when the project needs to be delivered by.  


  • The media is the media vendor where the ad will run and to whom you need to deliver the creative files.


Projects are managed in the "Projects" module. 

There is 3 ways to create a project in the "Projects" module:

  1. Project: Created directly in the "Projects" module.
  2. Creative project: Created when a media insertion that needs a project is transitioned to a status with the create project trigger.
  3. Project request: Created by submitting a form from the marketing request system.



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