Associating custom fields


MediaPlanHQ provides the flexibility to define your own custom fields on media plans. 

The custom fields associated to a media plan are displayed in all modules (planning, production. accounting) and are synchronized automatically.

Configuration Parameters

You can configure the order, requiredness, and appearance as described in the table below:


Display order

A number that defines the order in which the custom field appears as a column in lists and as an input in forms.


A mandatory text up-to 50 characters for the label of the custom field.


A flag that indicates whether or not a value for the custom field is required.

Grouped in list?

A flag that indicates whether or not this custom field should be displayed in the "Additional Information" column.

Display in activity calendar?

A flag that indicates whether or not this custom field should be displayed in the activity calendar.

Multiple values?

For list custom field only

A flag that indicates whether or not the user can select multiple values from the list of options.


For list custom field only

Defines how to display the list of options in a form.

Combo-box: Displays the list of options as a combo-box

Radio / Checkbox: Display the list of options as check boxes or radio buttons.

Table1: Field parameter descriptions


The figure below provides examples of different combinations of field parameters.


Figure 1: Field parameter examples


All fields are added as columns in all modules.  The "Grouped in list" parameter will display all the fields in an "Additional information" column as shown in the following figure:


Figure 2: "Grouped in list" parameter example

Associating a custom field

You need custom fields in your account in order to associate to a media plan.  See Adding custom fields for more details.

  1. Log in as an Account Administrator
  2. Go to Campaigns
  3. Select the Media Plan you want to associate Fields with
  4. Click on the Fields link (puzzle icons in the actions menu)
  5. Click on the Associate field
  6. Configure the parameters based on the table above.
  7. Click on the Save button


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