MediaPlanHQ v3.0 is now online !

We are pleased to give you a preview of the functionalities in MediaPlanHQ v3.0.

In this release, we did a lot of work to improve accessibility to the information you use in your day-to-day media planning tasks.


1. Faster access to media plans, campaigns, and media information

We reworked the toolbar to highlight and facilitate access to media plans, campaigns, and media as follow:



We moved the "media plans & campaigns" management  and the "media categories & medias" management out of the administration tab and into their own tab.  This enables you to give access to these tabs without giving admin privileges.

We also moved the administration tab to a link in the top right header next to the welcome statement to save space in the toolbar.


2. Easier media plans & campaigns management

We merged the "media plans and campaigns" lists together in a single hierarchical list with better structured information about the budgets. 


We also merged the market selection and budget settings inside the media plan form to make it easier to add/remove markets to a media plan and set their budgets.



These changes will prepare for more advanced budgeting support.  Our vision is to provide the capability to set budgets at any level of granularity inside your media plans. (Budget by media plan, budget by market, budget by campaigns, budget by market/campaign, etc.)


3. Enabling medias interactions

A key part of the day-to-day work of most media planners is interacting with media to get quotes, book insertions, deliver creative files, etc.

We added fields in each media to capture important information you would need when interacting with media such as the address, booking email, link to the media kit, procedures for delivery, and multiple representatives contacts.



The media information is available at a glance in all modules as follow:


4. Media plan filters

Every organization manages media plans differently.  Some have a single media plans per fiscal year with many campaigns, others have multiple media plans for each department/division with few campaigns.

We moved the media plan selection from the top right to be a filter in all modules.  This allows to view the media insertions/creative projects/invoices of all media plans at a time or of a selected media plan.  It also facilitates switching between media plans when working with multiple media plans at a time.



Note that the media plan filter is synchronized between all modules: changing the media plan filter in the planning module, changes the media plan filter in all other modules.  Also, the selected media plan filter is kept in your profile for subsequent access: When you re-login, the media plan filter is automatically selected based on your previous login.

We also added the flexibility to choose the media plan/campaign combo when creating a media insertion.  This enables you to create media insertions for different media plan/campaign then the selected filters.


5. Printable reports

We completely redesigned the reports tab to support new upcoming and custom reports.



Every report are now configurable and can be bookmarked in your browser.  The reports are now printable with the graphs.




We've added one last functionality: A support feedback tab that appears in the left on every screen.  



We value your feedback to feed the new features and enhancements ideas that  help us make MediaPlanHQ better every day.  Do not hesitate to use it !


These new functionalities will be in production in November.  We believe they will optimize your day-to-day work and hope you will enjoy them.


As always, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] if you have questions, issues, or ideas.



Your MediaPlanHQ Team

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