MediaPlanHQ v3.2 is now online !

We are pleased to announce MediaPlanHQ v3.2.

In this release, we continue to improve the accessibility to the information you use in your day-to-day media planning tasks.

Standardized row height

The tables now display with standardized row height in the planning, production, and accounting modules in order to optimize the number of rows you can see in your screen viewport without scrolling down and to remove blank spots when cells contains information on multiple lines.  Any longer text are cut with an ellipsis (...). All multiline text and formatted cells are displayed with a summary directly in the table and a blue arrow quick popup indicator to view more information.


Better scrolls

The tables in the planning, production, and accounting module can become very wide.  Especially if you have multiple custom fields configured in your account.  In previous version, the horizontal scroller was inefficient to access: you had to first scroll down to the bottom of the table and then scroll right... In the new version, the horizontal scrollbar is always visible in your screen viewport facilitating access to hidden columns.


Filter unassigned creative projects.

You can now list unassigned creative projects quickly by clicking on the "Unassigned" filter.



As always, don't hesitate to give us feedback and/or ideas for new features !

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