MediaPlanHQ v3.5 is now online !

We are pleased to announce MediaPlanHQ v3.5.

Here are the new features:

New UI panels

We redesigned all forms to load in nice panels. This makes the user experience more efficient by avoiding unnecessary reloads of the browser when you edit a form, submit the form, and reload the list.



Media module search & filters

The media module was redesigned to include search, filters, and paging.  This makes it easier to find the medias when you have many media categories and medias.


Configure filters (administrator only)

The filters of the planning, production, and accounting module are now configurable.  You can add/remove/re-order filters while in the "configure list" mode..



Custom fields as filters (administrator only)

The custom fields of type list can now be added as filters in the planning, production, and accounting module.

For example, if you have a "Project manager" list field.


You can add it as a filter in the module.



Mark invoice as partial

This feature allows you to indicate that you are expecting other invoices for a media insertion. 

Internally, this means that the planning and accounting modules will use the "budgeted amount" for media insertions that are marked as "partial" to calculate the remaining budgets. 

Once the invoice is complete, the modules will use the "invoiced amount" to calculate the remaining budgets.




As always, don't hesitate to give us feedback and/or ideas for new features !

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