MediaPlanHQ v3.6 is now online !

We are pleased to announce MediaPlanHQ v3.6. 

This is a small release in terms of features, but contains a lot of under-the-hood enhancements for continued performance and security.

Here are the new features:

Re-usable media formats

This feature allows you to select an existing media format from a list of re-usable media formats when creating a media insertion instead of always re-typing the same media format over and over again.

First, you can manage the list of re-usable media formats for a given media in the media module as shown in the following screenshot:



Then, when creating a media insertion,you now have 2 options to define the media format:

  1. Enter a free text media format. (Exactly the same as prior to this release.); or
  2. Select from a list of existing media formats




Note that you can add a "free-text" media format into the list of re-usable media formats directly from the media insertion form by clicking the "Add to list of reusable formats" option. You will then be able to re-use the exact same media format in other media insertion of the same media.

When you click the "Use an existing format" link, you'll see a list of existing media formats as shown on the following screenshot.  You can also click the "Other" link to go back to the free-text media format.


While very simple, this feature is the foundation to many great features coming in 2014 !


As always, don't hesitate to give us feedback and/or ideas for new features !







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