Submitting a request

Here are the steps to submit a new request to your marketing department:


Step 1: Access the client portal.

You can obtain the address of the client portal from your MediaPlanHQ Administrator.  We strongly suggest that you bookmark the address in your favourite browser to have a quick shortcut for the future.

Here's how a standard client portal would look like:  

Note that the client portal in your account may look differently as the look&feel and the copy text are customizable, but the functionality stays the same.


Step 2: Click on the "New request" button.

This will bring you to a page to select the type of request you want to submit:

Again, this page may be different in your account as the request types are customizable.

Also, note that if you account only has 1 request type, this page would be skipped and you would be automatically redirected to the request form.


Step 3: Click on a request type (e.g. Event)  

This will bring the form for this type of request:

Enter the request information including file attachments.  Note that different request types may have different form fields.


There are special scenarios that may happen depending on your account and request type configuration:


You account may required that requests for certain markets (e.g. Stores) be pre-approved by specific users.

In our case, the "Calgary" store requires that the request be pre-approved by the store manager prior to be submitted to the marketing required.  When selecting the "Calgary" store, a warning message appears:

This is a gate keeper for the store manager to validate the validity of the request based on budget, timeline, etc.


Rush deadlines

Most request type will define a minimum number of working days to process a request:

If you try to submit a request within the minimum number of working days you'll get an error:

Now, some request type may allow "rush" requests with a justification. 


Step 4: Click on the "Send" button.  

This will validate the request information. In case of errors, it re-displays the form with the errors highlighted in red:

When the request information is valid, you'll be redirected to a confirmation page:

You'll also receive a confirmation by email for your records.  The email is sent at the requester email address you've entered in the request form: