MediaPlanHQ - April 2017


We are pleased to announce this new release of MediaPlanHQ.

Here are the features: 

General enhancements

Feature #1: Improved scrolling behaviour

The user interface is enhanced with better scrolling behaviour.  

Before, the scroll was always on the entire page.  This lead to many up-and-down scrolls when navigating the information on pages with multiple columns.  

Now, each area with long content has its own scroll making it easier to find information in one area while keeping the position in other area.

Also, in medium/large screens, the header and footer are always visible.  

On small screens, the scrolling behaviour is kept to the entire page.


Planning enhancements

Feature #2: Multiple run dates

The media insertion is enhanced to have multiple run dates - multiple date range with applicable days.

Before, you couldn't create a media insertion with complex dates such (e.g. every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month) - you had to create separate media insertion.

Now, you can have a single media insertion with the different dates.


Feature #3: Drag & Drop Upload Files in planning

The media insertion form and details view now support drag&drop upload files.

Before, you couldn't upload files from the media insertion form - you had to save the form, and upload the files in a separate action.

Now, the media insertion form has a drop-zone to drag&drop files.  


The planning details view also has the drop-zone to facilitate uploading files.



Production enhancements

Feature #4: Form redesign

The creative project form in the production module is completely redesigned for efficiency.  The information is better organized and the possible values adapt without refresh as you enter information.  All combobox also now have search capabilities.


Current users: Note that "Corrections" are no longer manageable in the production form.  The corrections are now accessible in the corrections column of the List view and in the corrections tab of the Details view.


Feature #5: Drag & Drop Upload Files in production

The creative project form and production details view now support drag&drop upload files.

Before, you couldn't upload files from the creative project form - you had to save the form, and upload the files in a separate action.

Now, the creative project form has a drop-zone to drag&drop files.  The production details view also has the drop-zone to facilitate uploading files.

See Feature #3 above for screenshot of similar functionality.


Feature #6: Activate/Deactivate effort estimation in hours

Not every team estimates effort in hours - some team uses other system such as points.

Now, you can deactivate the effort estimation in hours.  All functionalities that depends on effort being in hours will also be deactivated such as the project progress, workload in hours, etc.

By default, the effort estimation in hours is activated.  To deactivate, go to the "Administration > My account".


Requests enhancements

Feature #7: Activate/Deactivate requests and client portal

Not every team uses MediaPlanHQ as centralized system to collect and process marketing requests - some team uses other form services or still depends on emails.

Now, you can deactivate the request features:

  • Request module (Internal to your marketing department for collecting and processing marketing requests.) and
  • Client Portal module (Self-serve portal for your clients to submit marketing requests and consult request status)

By the default, the request features are deactivated.  To activate, go to the "Administration > My account".


Organizations/Markets enhancements

Feature #8: Organizations -vs- Markets

The current Markets concept is split into 2 concepts: Organizations and Markets.

The old "market" concept as always been a confusing concept for our users.  The problem is that it both represented the "Organization" (e.g. Who was doing/paying for the advertisement) and the "Market" (e.g. To whom the advertisement was targeted.).  For some, they are the same, but for others, they are different.  

The new "Markets" concept is more flexible and powerful.  You can define more specific markets such as per demographic (e.g. Age, Gender, Location, etc), or define your own system.

The main benefit is to allow you to define a re-usable structure of Medias - Markets - Organizations: Every media and organization can "tag" the markets they support.

The "Markets" are defined in the "Administration" module. They are optional.  By default, all organizations can advertise in all media.  

Current users: All your old "Markets" were copied to both the "Organizations" and new "Markets" which provides the exact same behaviour as before.


Reports enhancements

Feature #9: New report charts

We are now using a new HTML5 library to generate the charts giving the reports a slick new look.




As always, don't hesitate to give us feedback and/or ideas for new features !

-- The MediaPlanHQ Team


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