MediaPlanHQ - January 2016

We are pleased to announce this new release of MediaPlanHQ.

Here are the features:

1. Delete Markets

You can now delete markets that are used by your media plans.  The delete confirmation panel will list all the impacts of deleting the given market.  This is useful to cleanup unused markets from your account.


2. Media / Market relations is optional

You can now create media without selecting markets.  Markets are now optional in the media form.  A media with no selected market is available to all market.  This is useful for those media that are used regardless of market.


3. Help Widget

You can now get help quicker with the new help widget at the bottom right corner of every page.  Just type what you need help and the help widget will list the available articles.  You can always contact our support center the article do not answer you questions or help you.


4. Define budget on a campaign

You can now define a budget on a campaign.


5. Export / Import media, formats, and contacts

You can now export and import all the media information.

As always, don't hesitate to give us feedback and/or ideas for new features !


-- The MediaPlanHQ Team

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