MediaPlanHQ - November 2016


We are pleased to announce this new release of MediaPlanHQ.

Here are the features:

Workflow enhancements

Feature #1: Roles

This feature allows you to define the roles that will work together to create and deliver creative projects such as marketing managers, copywriters, graphic designers, web developper, etc.  Here how it works:

First, go to the Administration > Roles to define the different roles:

You can define the users that fulfills the role and whether they are responsible for the production and/or delivery of the creative project.  In the screenshot above, the graphic designer and copywriter are responsible for the production while the marketing manager is responsible for the delivery to the media outlet.

Current users: Note that by default, the "Creative resource" was migrated as a role with production and delivery responsibility.  If your account has custom fields that represent role, contact us to migrate it to a role without losing current assignations.

When creating a media insertion in the planning module or a creative project in the production module, you'll be able to assign a user to the different roles with an effort evaluation.

You can also use the bulk actions to quickly assign a specific role for multiple media insertions or creative projects.

There are configurable columns and filters for every role you configure in your account.

The production summary sidebar uses the production/delivery responsibility to determine the counts appropriately.


UI enhancements

Feature #2: File preview on mouse over

This feature allows you to quickly preview image file attachments by moving the mouse cursor over an image thumbnail.



Feature #3: Configure options for administrators

In previous version, the administrator configuration was applied to his personal view, but also to the account default view for all other users.  Now administrator can choose whether they want to only change their personal configuration or the default configuration for all other users.


Planning enhancements

Feature #4: Bulk set P.O. #

There is a new bulk action to set P.O. # available to accounts that are not configured to automatically generate P.O. #.



As always, don't hesitate to give us feedback and/or ideas for new features !

-- The MediaPlanHQ Team

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