New feature: Demographics


Release date: January 19. 2018 


Previously, there wasn't an easy way to answer this simple question:

"Who are we targeting with these ads?"

Typically, the answer uses demographics to classify the targeted audience into categories.

To capture the demographic information, you'd either have to use the "Notes" section of a media insertion or configure custom fields - both were either hard to configure, hard to capture, or hard to generate the proper analytics.

With this release, we're introducing demographics: a simple way to capture the market, gender, age, and income on each media insertion and to generate powerful analytics at a click of a button.

Let see how it works...

Define your markets

The administration module already allows to define your markets.  

A market defines a group with similar characteristics.  It is typically based on geographical location, but you can define your own system. (e.g.: "Parents with children", "Football fans", etc.)

The idea is to define re-usable and comparable "markets" that can be match together in order to generate analytics and insights.


Define demographics for each media insertion

The media insertion form has a new "demographics" section underneath the "media" section to capture the markets, gender, age, and income.


By default, the demographics are set to "All markets", "All persons", "All ages", and "All incomes".

Each demographic allows to select from a predefined list:

  • Markets: One or many market as defined in the "administration" module.
  • Gender: "All persons", "Men" or "Women"
  • Age: "All ages", "18-34", "35-49", "50-64", or ">65"
  • Income: "All incomes", "<$25000", "$25001-$50000", "$50001-$75000", "75001-$100000", or ">$100001".

Age and income demographics allow to define custom ranges by clicking on their respective "Other" link:


View the demographic in the list view

The media insertion list has 4 new columns to display the "markets", "gender", "age", and "income.


View the demographics in the details view

The media insertion detail view has a new "demographics" tab in the right pane:


View the demographics in the blocking chart view

The blocking chart was also enhanced to display the demographics:


The blocking chart will only display all demographics that are not "All X".


View the demographics in the analysis view.

You can quickly analyze the cost allocation by demographics in the "Analysis" view:

By markets:


By Gender:


By Age:


By Income:


That's it ! We hope you'll enjoy the new demographics feature.  Give it a try and let us know what you think !

As always, don't hesitate to send us your great feedback or other idea for new features !


Have a great day,

The MediaPlanHQ team




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