New feature: UI Enhancements


Release date: April 1st, 2018


MediaPlanHQ helps marketing teams streamline their media planning & buying activities. 

It provides different modules and views to optimize different daily tasks. 

The list views are probably the most used as it gives you a listing of the items of interest and you can quickly execute actions on those items.

But, there's 3 problems with the current list views:

  1. for new users, there's way too many buttons to choose from.  The attention for the next action is shared by too many possible choices, making it hard to know what is possible and what to do next.  For advanced users, this is less of a problem, as they've learn what/where to do actions.
  2. it does not give you context at a glance.  You do not know quickly in what media plans/campaign/organization you're working.  You have to look at the filters for the information.
  3. depending on your view configuration, you can have up-to 1/3 of your screen filled with buttons, which minimize the place for real information. 

In this release, we're improving the list views of the different modules to eliminate these 3 problems.

Let's have a look the enhancements...


Contextual header titles

The header titles of the Planning, Production, and Accounting modules are now contextual to the selected media plans, campaigns, and organizations selected.


This gives you context at a glance, and confidence that you are currently working on the right scope.


Show/Hide Search&Filter bar

The header now has a button to show/hide the search&filters bar.  The button also indicate how many filters are currently applied on the list.


Note that the show/hide is sticky, meaning that if you close it, it will stay closed even if you refresh the page.  In the same way, if you open it, it will stay opened.  

Existing users: You user account was configured to have the search&filters bar is opened by default.


On-demand bulk actions

The bulk actions bar is now hidden by default.  It is only shown when you select at least one item in the list.



To select multiple items, you must now use the "checkbox" in the table header:




That's it ! We hope you'll enjoy the new UI enhancements.  Give it a try and let us know what you think !

As always, don't hesitate to send us your great feedback or other idea for new features !


Have a great day,

The MediaPlanHQ team

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