Understanding how the request key is generated

Each request is given a request key to uniquely identify the request in your account.


The request key is automatically generated when a client submits a request.

It contains 2 parts:

  1. A concatenated list of the codes of all associated organizations separated by "-".
  2. A sequential number.


In the screenshot above, the request is associated to the "Edmonton" organization with the code "SG033AB".

This results in a request key "SG033AB-000000010"


Note that requests that are associated to 2 organizations (e.g. Organizational unit and Organization) would result in a request key with the following format:

<Organizational unit Code>-<Organization Code>-<Sequential number>


Note that changing the organizations of a request will update the organization code section of the request key keeping the same sequential number  An email with the changed request key would be sent to the requester automatically.



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